Download or Print Heal Your Body, Heal Your Environment Outline

Deepen Your Self Awareness

Reconnect with, Embody and Rebirth Your Divine Feminine

Transform both Your Body and Environment through Ceremony

Cultivate Your Authentic Expression

Learn to Live from Your Heart

Nurture Daily Practices that Celebrate Who You Are!

These teachings are beneficial to everyone who is inspired to Reawaken the Shaman within and facilitate ceremonies to heal and reconnect with your body/feminine and mind/masculine, reclaim your power to create the life you are meant to live, as well as move from your heart and embody an expression of divine love. This experience will definitely enhance and build on anything already learned giving you a very well rounded foundation of knowledge, wisdom and experience to cultivate a rich personal practice in your own life that will support you in being of service to all of humanity!

Jane’s journey over the past forty years are a reflection of reconnecting with, honouring and celebrating the feminine, as a woman, environmentalist, organic grower, herbalist, healer, shaman, yoga teacher and shapeshifter. She has created a training that is unique, deeply spiritual and life altering. Her teachings support people to both cultivate and experience the sacredness in their everyday lives.


Shamanism weaves together teachings of shapeshifting, connecting with your animal totems, awakening your feminine, gods and goddesses, yantras, pranayama, meditation, ceremony, ritual, Self Awareness and most importantly practices to create and live these ancient teachings.


This training includes five modules, each one based on an element: earth, water, fire, air and ether.  These elements relate to the energy centers or chakras within the body as well as how they are reflected back to you from your environment. Each element holds incredible teachings that will support you in reconnecting with your divine feminine/body, nourishing Self love, creating nurturing relationships, learning what it is to become the alchemist, create from your heart and express love within the world.

You will learn what it is to create and facilitate a ceremony where you become the alchemist and create change both within and without. The ability to hold space as a sacred container for transformation is a powerful tool that allows others to step into the circle and become vulnerable so that they may let go of and release the shame, hurt, suffering and pain carried for far too long. It is time for women and men to return to their hearts and support one another so that together we grow and evolve into our true divine nature!

Step onto this path of transformation as you learn to transform both your body and environment, shapeshifting your life, tapping into the wisdom that resides within, bridging the seen and unseen realms. The greatest teachers draw from their personal experience, having discovered WHO THEY ARE!

Embodying the Lover is learning to put yourself first as you cultivate a relationship of Self Love, creating an intimacy with your Divine Feminine/Sacred Temple. This is a radical awakening when you transform the Lover that has always been external to now embodying this energy in every facet of your life.

Your Devotion to this Training is very personal and dependent upon your individual life. Everyone will come to this practice/sadhana in very different ways and there is no right or wrong way. What you give is what you get back so it will depend on the day, time and mood. No judgment!

Jane will share the teachings of one module (every week via live video chat with zoom Sunday mornings at 11amEST) and there will be a facebook group where you can post questions and she will check-in daily. This group is also an opportunity to connect with people on a similar journey and share your questions, concerns, fears, excitement and triumphs as you move deeper within embodying and living these teachings.

I so look forward to being a guide for you on this very beautiful journey!

Blessings and Love from my Heart to Yours!

What you will receive:

A Manual consisting of Five Modules;
Practices to cultivate and live;
A Certificate to Celebrate Your Journey!

You will also receive the following videos:

  1. An Invitation to Step onto a Journey of Self Awareness, Transformation and Awakening!
  2. An Introduction to Shamanism;
  3. Introducing the Way of the Circle and Art of Attention.

Jane is a Shaman, activist/voice for rebirth, storyteller, speaker and shapeshifter.  As a world traveller she has explored diverse cultures and discovered the common thread running through each of them – the journey returning to the heart and giving expression to both the divine feminine and masculine.

Join thousands of women and men around the world who are stepping up to embody their divine feminine and masculine, becoming of service to all of humanity. Cultivate a compassionate and loving approach to all that you create within your life and the world, as you learn to move from your heart!

Sign Up Now and Step onto Your Path of:


Self  Awareness           Love           Transformation

Cost: $800.00 Cdn.

Dates to be Announced!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jane at: livingshamanicyoga@gmail.com

You can also pay by e-transfer or transfer wise: jsavile11@gmail.com