Awaken Humanity

Awaken Humanity
(A Sacred Journey Returning to the Heart)

Step onto this path of transformation as you reconnect to each other and the Universe as a whole, cultivating a practice of living Shamanic Yoga, reconnecting with your true Self and creating a life of Self Love, Nurturing Relationships, Authenticity, Gratitude and an Expression of Who You Are within your own life and the world. ‘Return to the Heart’ and learn to heal both your body and environment as you shapeshift your life, tapping into the wisdom that resides within, bridging the seen and unseen realms, and accessing your unique gifts that will benefit all beings!

Training Outline

Living Shamanism and Yoga
Combining the ancient teachings of both Shamanism and Yoga, along with the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, you will learn how to rebuild and strengthen your connection to both the physical and spiritual/ the Divine Mother and Father and the Seen and Unseen realities. You will also learn how to intertwine these practices into your daily life, moving from a loving and compassionate place, opening your heart to Self and all beings within the universe, manifesting change in your life while serving and uplifting humanity, remembering to laugh and be playful.

Yamas and Niyamas
The first stage of your journey and ‘Return to the Heart’ begins as you work through a journal based on the Yamas and Niyamas and understand how to live these teachings. These are based on the teachings of Patanjali as set out in the Yoga Sutras.

Asanas, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Environment
The next stage focuses on strengthening your relationship with your body and environment, as you explore, create and work with a Medicine Wheel. Understanding the teachings within the elements of earth, water, fire, air & ether you will recognize your connection to all that surrounds you, no longer feeling separate or alone. Here you will also reconnect with your teachers and gather your medicine.

Anatomy & Physiology
Learn basic anatomy to strengthen your awareness for instructing or building up a pose, as well as assisting a student who may have particular restrictions. Also learn the energy systems of the body through the chakras.

Learn the Value of Support, Stillness and Surrender
Creating a safe and supported environment is key so that people are able to relax and deepen their relationship with their bodies and also receive support via blocks, straps, bolsters, balls or a partner. You will also experience receiving and giving nurturing touch as metta or loving kindness.

Your breath is the most powerful tool for calming the mind and strengthening awareness of the body, yet most people use only 40% lung capacity. Through various styles of pranayama, you will cultivate the flow of prana activating your life force as you fuel your energy body and go beyond its normal boundaries or limitations to awaken your authenticity or True Self. You will learn about the five pranas, as well as how to send prana throughout your entire body.

You will experience and create a variety of meditations, learning to still the mind, create a one pointed focus and listen as you deepen your relationship, gather wisdom and recognize the support from all that surrounds you, coming to a sense of belonging within a tapestry that weaves us all together.

Hinduism and the Gods and Goddesses
You will invoke and experience the teachings of the Goddesses and Gods as you begin a journey of awakening your Kundalini and activating her energy to assist you in moving up through your chakras and literally shedding your skin as you let go of and release old patterns and emotions around fear, safety, survival, sex, abandonment, feeling unworthy and never good enough.


Shamanism and the Elements
You will step onto the shaman’s path of personal healing and transformation through Self Awareness and the courage to look within the mirror and see, hear and speak your truth, becoming the Creator of your world as you let go of being the victim. The ‘medicine’ gathered while journeying within and without is honoured and valued, when shared to empower all beings within the universe to remember their Oneness!

Connecting with Your Totems/Guides/Teachers
You will discover ways in which to connect with, honour and learn from your various totems/Spirit Guides/Teachers that support you on your journey, as well as recognize that you are never alone on this path! You will also start to ‘see, hear and be a voice’ for your teachers as they show up in the most amazing places, so begin the practice of opening to them.


Moving into the Heart (Pratyahara) 
Feeling the heat of your inner fire, you burn away all sense of illusion as you shift your perception, and begin to see the world and your experiences from a place of deeper understanding. You will experience the teachings of a Fire Ceremony as you create a ceremony that supports you in dissolving your sense of separation as you let go of all your physical identity and sacrifice it to the fire.


The Art of Surrender
This is a space in which you will learn to listen, not to the external, but to the voice within. You will also focus on developing and strengthening your voice, experiencing the Healing Power of Sound as you cultivate a practice of speaking from deep within yourself and a place of confidence.

Leadership that Creates Inner Peace and Freedom
Learning to love yourself, you open to expressing love and compassion for others. Your teaching style becomes unique as you develop and grow your authenticity, opening your heart, embracing and accepting who you are, and learning to teach what speaks to you, while in service to your students.

The Intimacy of Your Own Practice
A personal practice creates and builds a discipline of self-care, self-empowerment, self acceptance and self awareness. It is a great way of honouring, taking care of and connecting with yourself as you create and maintain your own practice so that you may continue being a strong teacher, leader and inspiration.

Testimonial: “The Yoga Teacher Training I received with Jane Savile was life-changing. I continue to be inspired, two years later by Jane’s wisdom, knowledge and healing energy. Jane exposed us to a wide range of modalities and ideas in the cozy intimacy of her beautiful space along with the traditional postures and techniques of hatha and yin yoga. I left the course, not only confident to begin teaching classes, but also feeling that I had opened the gates to a deeply personal inward journey that is still unfolding. I highly recommend immersing yourself in one of Jane’s teacher trainings as Jane truly lives what she teaches and she brings the teachings alive with her humour, wisdom, strength and honesty”.

Tara Cox