Reawaken the Shaman Within

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Embody the Shaman as You Return to the Heart
(A Transformational Journey)

This is an invitation to step onto this path of transformation/alchemy as we reconnect with our feminine and the mystery that dwells within our body and the Universe as a whole, cultivating a practice of living Shamanism and what the ancient yogis called the ‘Dattreya’ as together we create life from the Heart, cultivating nurturing relationships of Self Love, Expression of Our Soul and reclaiming our Divinity and Who We Are within our lives and the world.

‘Returning to the Heart’ we will heal both our bodies and environment as we shapeshift our lives, tapping into the wisdom that resides within, bridging the seen and unseen realms, and accessing our unique gifts that will benefit all beings! Are you ready to reconnect with this holy divine mystery that dwells within, as you experience the embodiment of the Divine Feminine as a living prayer of devotion to Who You Are!


Embodying the Shaman
Combining the ancient teachings of both Shamanism, along with the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, we will deepen and embody our relationship to both the physical and spiritual, the Divine Mother and Father, as well as the Seen and Unseen realities as we discover the power of ceremony. Holding ceremony has become my passion as I gather with women and men to create change both within our lives and the world.

We will explore how to create ceremonial space so that women and men can experience being held in a way that allows them to become vulnerable, return to their hearts and divine love. Shedding our skin of suffering and the belief that we were never good enough, worthy or simply abandoned all hope,  will create space for all of us to rebirth ourselves in a new way, intertwining simple rituals into our daily lives, moving from a loving and compassionate place, opening our hearts to our Divine Essence and all beings within the universe, manifesting change in our lives while serving and uplifting humanity, remembering to laugh, love and be playful.

Module One: Rebirthing Our Story
This first module is where we come to understand humanity’s story as a whole and how we have each created this story as children and have been living our lives based on survival and suffering. We will journey into the womb of the Mother as we transform our story and rebirth our divine child!

Together we are embarking upon a journey of humanity’s awakening as we experience the teachings of Shakti/Kundalini and transform our story, which has caused all of us to disconnect from both our Divine Mother and Father. By activating our Divine feminine, together we will literally shed our skin as we let go of and release old patterns and emotions around doubt, fear, safety, survival, sex, abandonment, feeling unworthy and never good enough.






Through the use of ceremony we will begin to call in and work with our totems, ancestors, angelic beings, star nations, goddesses and ascended masters to transform our story.

We will also explore the teachings of the medicine wheel, rebirthing a relationship with each of the elements of earth, water, fire, air & ether, practicing the art of shapeshifting as we embody the ShamanicYogi and begin a journey of transforming and rebirthing our Divine Child. In addition, we will discover our medicine gathered along our journey, pick it up, and learn to bring it into the world.


Module Two:   Awaken Your Divine Feminine
We will experience what it is to embody Shakti energy as we awaken the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine, uniting  energies existing within both our body and the world.  In this module we will be introduced to the spiral, which is found throughout nature and begin to rebirth the elements as we awaken our Sacred Feminine, redefine who we are, align with our sovereign divinity and return to our hearts and divine love.

Our journey begins with the awakening of the 1,000 petalled lotus at the crown of our head and the Goddess Lalitha.  The Goddess lives within each of us and it is through a physical practice that we honour the temple we reside in as a celebration of Shakti, empowering our courage and determination while surrendering into our deepest knowing and wisdom.

The art of this training is learning to embrace, embody and then give expression to all that we are! It’s coming to the realization that we are turning within to recognize that the divine dwells within us, not outside of us. Through the Art of Surrender we will cultivate a relationship with the Divine Mother and come to recognize that we cannot ‘will’ through any effort or practice the Divine Mother to connect with us physically but instead we must simply surrender and become receptive to her Divine Grace!

We will also learn to embody the Goddess as we step out of SURVIVAL (food, fight, flight and fuck) believing we needed to keep ourselves small in order to be safe and protected. As we align with the Divine Mother and step into our sacred feminine and the Goddess we will transform ourselves and the world!

In this module we will also learn what it is to become a Shaman as we discover our totems, guides, ancestors, the ascended masters, angelic beings and star nations. Together we will come to understand that we are never alone on this path and that we are surrounded by our ‘teachers’ all of which are waiting to support us on our journey of awakening!

Module Three: Awaken Our Divine Masculine
As we continue spiralling, we now awaken the Divine Masculine, cultivating relationship with the Divine Father/Shiva. This part of our journey begins with the transformation of our relationship with both giving and receiving, as well as our creativity and sexuality and how that is expressed within the world.

We will also be rebirthing the element of water and understand the alchemizing ability to create change both within our bodies and the environment simultaneously!

We will then explore the world of pleasure and how we can begin the process of shapeshifting our story in relationship to our body and living a more orgasmic life!

Finally we will discover the art of learning to bow to the Divine within as we dissolve the mind into the heart. This is the practice of aligning with your Divine Will and surrendering to Who You Are!

Module Four: Embody the Shaman!
Here we will create and build our fire as we realign with the ebb and flow of life, the sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine. In this module we will learn how to transform the world through sacred living, realigning once again with nature’s rhythms. Together we will embody and give expression to our sexual and creative energy as we honour the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and return to seeing ourselves in service to all of humanity!


Module Five: Return to Our Heart and Reclaim Our Divinity!
This is a space in which we will first create a practice of gratitude as we discover teachers who supported us along our journey and the gifts that we received from each of them. We will literally cultivate a practice of listening to our heart.

We will also focus on developing and strengthening our voice, experiencing the Healing Power of Sound as we cultivate a practice of speaking from deep within ourselves and a place of confidence.

Learning to love ourselves, we open to expressing love and compassion for all beings. Our expression becomes unique as we develop and grow our authenticity, opening our hearts, embracing and accepting who we are, and teaching from a place deep within ourselves of embodiment, while in service to our beings.

Our breath is the most powerful tool for calming the mind and strengthening awareness of the body, yet most people use only 40% lung capacity.  Through various styles of pranayama, we will cultivate the flow of prana activating our life force as we fuel our energy body and go beyond its normal boundaries or limitations to awaken our authenticity or True Essence.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is a unique combination of complete physical relaxation and alert awareness, where our consciousness releases deep seated tension or tightness, rejuvenating our entire bodymind.  It is a place of awareness between being awake and being asleep, a place where we are able to release long held beliefs, fears and habits that may have resulted in a wide range of physical, mental and emotional health issues, such as allergies, arthritis, cancer, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, the list is endless, preventing us from living our live to the fullest.