Coaching with the Yamas and Niyamas

Cultivated as vows, the Yamas form your foundation, inspiring you to tap into your inner wisdom and create a personal relationship with yourself that evolves out of Self Love, Nurturing Relationships, Authenticity, Gratitude and Truth, with regard to yourself, others and your environment.

The Niyamas are guidelines towards awakening and developing one’s Spiritual Expression as you reconnect to your sense of Oneness with the Universe.

Dare to open your heart as you begin with ceremony, creating a safe and sacred space in which to be held and supported as you surrender into your raw vulnerability, bearing witness to what is going on within, both of your strengths and weaknesses, without judgment, simply as an observer, allowing you to respond in kindness and compassion so that you may release and let go of stagnant energy and old patterns or ways of being that no longer serve you.

You will then focus on shapeshifting and transforming into the Lover (Self Love) you are meant to be! By letting go of your fears, you can embrace your true nature, surrender to your heart and the practice of ‘NAMASTE’ by truly seeing the divine within and living in deep gratitude, love and service. The greatest teachers draw from their personal experience!

This workbook was created as a journal to support your journey of Self Awareness, exploring the authenticity of your thoughts, words and actions. Please feel free to contact me if you are interesting in going deeper!

Personally I have been aligned with the feminine for a very long time but only recently have I truly felt that I am beginning to embody her. This is occurring as I am shifting/alchemizing old patterns and creating/rebirthing new beliefs.

We may have a sense of the feminine and how we see or define her but the key that I am offering you is the embodiment of her qualities!

Many women I know still carry the story of the wounded child within them that continually keeps them going in circles of pain, suffering and disconnect. But now is the time to rise beyond our story of suffering and to rebirth a new relationship or awakening of our divine feminine! 

If we are going to transform our world from one of suffering of the feminine (abuse, rape, torture, manipulation, degradation, fear, insecurity, all alone, helpless, victim, unsupported…) then we as women need to transform the way in which we now wish to see ourselves and be seen!

It is time to stand in the world from a place of love, moving from our hearts and creating a world from a place where the feminine is a sacred temple and something that we bow to in reverence each and everyday!