Your Guide

Jane Savile grew up in Stratford, Ontario and had her first vision when she was five. She learned about plant medicine and a connection to the land from her parents as well as a great respect for ‘the Mother’ from her dad. At 12 years of age she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and began a journey of personal healing. She travelled extensively through Asia in her late twenties experiencing different cultures and ways of living, both deepening and enriching her own life. Returning to Canada and British Columbia she chose to study different healing energy modalities and worked with various shamans and healers. She became an organic grower and herbalist while living in Vancouver and Victoria and then returned to Ontario and studied yoga, thai massage, and chakra balancing.

The diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis would become my greatest teacher!

I quickly discovered the concept of being defined by a label and how we seem comforted by it, as though somehow this label has given us a reason or excuse as to why ‘I have abandoned’ expressing my true essence, why it will ‘never be enough’ or definitely ‘never be worthy’ of expression. More importantly I came to realize that pain and suffering in the physical body seemed accepted as though there was no escaping it, only medicating or masking it. However, when you can let go of this being the experience of living in the body you can truly begin to live a rich and fulfilling life!

I am here to tell you that everyone is worthy of expressing that truth/essence we each carry within us and I am here to support you to discover what that is and find your way back to a place of empowerment, confidence and courage to be a voice within your own life and the world as you step fully into Who You Are and embrace your body as a sacred temple in which you express your Sovereign Divinity!